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Yayy - Fluttershy Cosplay by blanelle29
Yayy - Fluttershy Cosplay
Fluttershy dance 
I ADORE Fluttershy. All the ponies are awesome and have great personalities, but I have a soft spot for her.
I made this cosplay for the last Expocomic in Madrid, and my friends went with me as a mlp cosplay group.   

Mlp was one of my dream cosplays, and thanks to them it came true Heart Heart Heart They're great!!

Photo and edit by: :iconangelsinalas: or…

Here are my lovely, lovely friendsClapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap
:iconvoldiesama: - AppleJack
:iconjime-sama: - Pinkipie
:iconsilvia-platypus: - Rarity
:iconcalloffateanddestiny: - Twiglith
:iconinhumansandwiches: - Rainbow Dash

Hope you like it!!!
Frog's fog - Aradiasprite Dynastystuck by blanelle29
Frog's fog - Aradiasprite Dynastystuck
I'm seriously in love with this shoot. But really, in love love love. The good love :love:
Everytime I see this shoot I'm sure that Skyline photography (… ) has some kind of photo magic because everything they do is awesome!!!! Please check the facebook page, you won't regret it!! :D

We made a group of the Dynastystuck designs (by Berrycoat on tumblr) for Expocomic last december, and we won first prize!!! I messed up the skit but it turned out great thanks to my great teammates (they are lovely people and great cosplayers).
You can see the skit here:…
And for my team, I have to say that they were perfect :love: everyone was perfect and we had a great time, even in the hardest parts.

Photography and AWESOME edit:…
Feferi Peixes: :iconjime-sama:
Fefetasprite: :iconcalloffateanddestiny:
Eridan Ampora: :iconmattdreams:
Terezi Pyrope: :iconvoldiesama:
Kanaya Maryam: :iconinhumansandwiches:
Sollux Captor: 
Aradia Megido: :iconsilvia-platypus:
Aradia Sprite: me

Designs by…
Cake is over - k-on cosplay by blanelle29
Cake is over - k-on cosplay
K-on was a long overdue cosplay we had, but we finally did it!!! I'm so happy Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
A few weeks ago we went to a park, and made these photos. I really enjoy these kind of photoshoots because the cosplays are so comfortable and so cute, you don't need to worry about nothing!! 
Also, me and my friends made these cosplays together, and we had a great time doing them :happybounce: It is always great to do things with such awesome people and it makes the costumes even more special ^^
We are currently working on another k-on cosplay that we wanted to do for a long time, I'm sure it will turn out great!!

If you want to see more k-on photos, check out these cuties!!
Tsumugi Kotobuki (Smiles) [V1] Tsumugi Kotobuki: :iconvoldiesama: 
Mio Akiyama  (Yes?) [V1] Mio Akiyama and photographer: :iconjime-sama:
Broken King - Aph France Cosplay by blanelle29
Broken King - Aph France Cosplay
Well, I don't know what to say. This is like reaching a goal. I love France, I love hetalia, and I love cosplaying hetalia with my beautiful cosplay group and my awesome BTT.
We wanted to do a fancy cosplay of the btt, and finally, after a lot of time, money and effort we did it. I don't have or know the words to describe how good it feels, and also we won second place in the last Japan Weekend!! 
So, a cosplay that has a really deep meaning to us, needed something special for the photos. A friend of :iconjime-sama:'s father has a equestrian center called ''La Rocina'' and he was really kind letting us three beautiful horses to take the photos :) (Smile)
These cosplays are really special, not only for the money and time involved into making them, but also for the meaning they have.

If you want to see more awesome pictures with horses, check out my friend's galleries!! All of these would've been impossible without them:
:iconvoldiesama: as Prussia
:iconjime-sama: as Spain

We went with :iconrodrikira: who apart from being a great photographer, is also a great friend!!!

Also, we won second place in Japan Weekend, so if you want to see the cosplay skit, here's the link:…

We are part of Likeaboos cosplay, so if you like CMVs here's our youtube channel:…
Flower - APH Hungary by blanelle29
Flower - APH Hungary

Hetalia day was months ago, but I totally forgot to upload the pictures of my Hungary cosplay!!! And today I was looking around my photos, and sudenly BANG! a lot of pictures of Hungary edited and ready to submit. Also I have a lot, but a lot of cosplay pictures that I need to upload, so I will try to update my deviantart this christmas.
I can't say happy hetalia day to all, but I can wish you a really merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!
About this picture, :iconvoldiesama: :iconjime-sama: (who lend me her cute apron) :iconinhumansandwiches: :iconsilvia-platypus: :iconcalloffateanddestiny: and I went to the celebration of the hetalia day in Madrid, and we had lots of fun!!! It was truly a great day :)

Also, we have a new hetalia cmv in our channel!!!!! It would be awesome if you could see it :D 
Here's the link -->…

Photographer: :iconjime-sama: /  :iconvoldiesama:
Yesterday we filmed the cutest video we have ever done, and it's one of my favourites :)
It's thanks to Jimena and BelÚn that we could film in such and awesome place, and the idea of the video was there since march or february, so we had have to wait a little bit but it was totally worth it.
In my opinion, it's really really cute!! :)
I hope you like it!!!:D

Also, thanks for all the subscribers!!!!! 1000 it's a really big number for us!!! So thank you, thank you so much!!!!! Without you we couldn't have done it, so thanks for the support!!! :)


Peter en peterlandia

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