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My little horsie - Aph France cosplay by blanelle29
My little horsie - Aph France cosplay
Well, I don't know what to say. This is like reaching a goal. I love France, I love hetalia, and I love cosplaying hetalia with my beautiful cosplay group and my awesome BTT.
We wanted to do a fancy cosplay of the btt, and finally, after a lot of time, money and effort we did it. I don't have or know the words to describe how good it feels, and also we won second place in the last Japan Weekend!! 
So, a cosplay that has a really deep meaning to us, needed something special for the photos. A friend of :iconjime-sama:'s father has a equestrian center called ''La Rocina'' and he was really kind letting us three beautiful horses to take the photos :)
These cosplays are really special, not only for the money and time involved into making them, but also for the meaning they have.

If you want to see more awesome pictures with horses, check out my friend's galleries!! All of these would've been impossible without them:
:iconvoldiesama: as Prussia
:iconjime-sama: as Spain

We went with :iconrodrikira: who apart from being a great photographer, is also a great friend!!!

We are part of Likeaboos cosplay, so if you like CMVs here's our youtube channel:…
Come down below... - Ib Cosplay by blanelle29
Come down below... - Ib Cosplay
I'll show you someplace secret

I'm absolutely in love with this kind of games, and I think Ib is my favourite. The soundtrack is one of the best I've heard and the characters are lovely. 
Last year, :iconjime-sama: :iconvoldiesama: and I cosplayed the game for expomanga 2013, so I was really happy when some weeks ago we did the photoshoot!!! :love: 
We had a great time and it was awesome!!! ( :iconjime-sama: and :iconvoldiesama: are awesome and flawless and perfect!! )
We also went with :iconrodrikira: who did the photos and, apart from being a great photographer, he is also a great person and friend so thank you so much!!

Ib: me
Photographer: :iconrodrikira: 

If you want to see more Ib cosplay, check out my friend's galleries!!! (they have a lot of  BOW CHIKA BOW BOOOW!!!) 
Mary: :iconjime-sama:
Garry: :iconvoldiesama:
Girls rule the world - Militarystuck cosplay by blanelle29
Girls rule the world - Militarystuck cosplay
Last month was expomanga in Madrid, and my friends and I participated in the cosplay contest with a militarystuck skit :) (Smile)
(you can see it in this link:… )
I hope you like it!!!!
We were really nervous because of the contest, but it was a great day!!!!!  And my friends, who were amazing, purrfect and meowtiful as always, made it even more enjoyable!!!!! I love them so much!!! :33

If you want to see more militarystuck, check out my friends gallery :D (Big Grin)
Terezi Pyrope:  :iconvoldiesama:
Vriska Serket: :iconjime-sama:
Feferi Peixes: :iconcalloffateanddestiny:
Kanaya Maryam: :iconinhumansandwiches:
Aradia Megido: :iconsilvia-platypus:
Nepeta Leijon: me
Photographer: Rodrigo García…  (he is a great photographer, and a lovely person)

Design by mookie00
Those happy school days - Hungary - Aph gakuen by blanelle29
Those happy school days - Hungary - Aph gakuen
Today was my last exam, from now on I'm on vacation!!!! :D I'm so excited, and there's so many things I want to do I don't know where to start.
As it was starting to be sunny, we went to a park with lots of cherry and almond-trees that were in full bloom!! They're lovely!!!

I've had this cosplay for one or two years, and I'm very excited about having photos of it!!! :D (Big Grin) Personally it's one of my favourites because it's really comfortable and very cute.

Hungary: me 
Photographer/edit: :iconjime-sama:

If you want to see more hetalia gakuen, check out my friends galleries!! They are awesome!!!
:iconjime-sama: Fem!Romano, Fem!Spain
:iconvoldiesama: Belarus, Fem!Prussia
:iconcalloffateanddestiny: Belarus
:iconinhumansandwiches: Fem!Canada, Liechtenstein
:iconsilvia-platypus: Taiwan

Elizabeta de la alfa a la beta
Yesterday we filmed the cutest video we have ever done, and it's one of my favourites :)
It's thanks to Jimena and BelÚn that we could film in such and awesome place, and the idea of the video was there since march or february, so we had have to wait a little bit but it was totally worth it.
In my opinion, it's really really cute!! :)
I hope you like it!!!:D

Also, thanks for all the subscribers!!!!! 1000 it's a really big number for us!!! So thank you, thank you so much!!!!! Without you we couldn't have done it, so thanks for the support!!! :)


Peter en peterlandia

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